Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mark Krikorian Cries "Multiculturalism!"

In an article for the National Review Online today, Mark Krikorian attacks John McCain for his support of "multiculturalism," which he defines (with Francis Fukuyama's help) as, "not just tolerance of cultural diversity in de facto multicultural societies, but as the demand for legal recognition of the rights of ethnic, racial, religious, or cultural groups."

Of course, Krikorian condemns McCain's stance on immigration, but what's more, he derides his support of bilingual education. He also criticizes McCain for insisting that Hispanic Americans be honestly and realistically represented in the media - as the important, intelligent human beings that they are.

Wait a minute! Krikorian is criticizing McCain for these things? For recognizing the civil rights of other people? Wow, I must have missed the big meeting where bigotry and racism became okay again. But no matter. My best suggestion is this: read Krikorian's intolerant, supremacist message. Then, write to him and explain exactly WHY he is so very wrong - and why minorities in this country deserve basic civil rights. Also note that, once upon a time, his ancestors were immigrants and minorities too - and that only because this country afforded THEM basic rights, is he even writing his column today.

This man must be joking.

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latnnena217 said...

It is appalling to see how flooded the media is with racist and bigoted speech that seeks to instill fear and intolerance in the minds of Americans. What is saddening is how this writer (whose name I will not bother writing because he doesn’t deserve such recognition) is trying to undermine the dignity of the Hispanic people in this country through his manipulative article. In attacking the principles that “multiculturalism” embodies, this individual is not only attacking the social composition of our society but is also attacking the principles of pluralism and essentially the principles of DEMOCRACY. Perhaps Mr. K would like to recognize that we are a nation of immigrants, and I am not just referring to Hispanics. He should take a look at the Census Bureau figures for the numbers to realize that by attacking multiculturalism he is attacking the millions of Blacks, Hispanics and Asians that are U.S. citizens and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and those that aren’t are no less of a human being that deserve the same. He should also look at the history of immigration from Latin America and look at the results of immigration enforcement policy to realize that everything has been tried: amnesties, mass deportations, increased visa caps, fences, increased border patrol officers, etc and they have not been 100% successful. I would like to know if he has a solution to it….although I doubt it. The U.S. is an attractive country but that is not the only reason why people are leaving their home countries and now we have a diverse population. There is more to immigration than border enforcement can address.

Additionally, the facts are explicit, Hispanics are the largest minority in the country and not all of them are deportable on a whim because they are citizens, legal residents, or guest-workers. This man needs to get a grip on reality and acknowledge that presently, despite McCain’s politically-costly stance on immigration; he is the only Republican candidate offering practical solutions to the problem of undocumented immigration. I am not a Republican so this is not a partisan view. The American people have to realize that the means to resolve problems are not always pretty and what pleases the ear is not always plausible or practical. Allow me to suggest to not bother wasting your time on the individual that wrote that article but rather encourage everyone to continue raising positive dialogue that contributes to human understanding across ethnic and racial lines, for we are a diverse country and we need to accept it. We can continue educating and raising awareness. That man will only get more PR for his incendiary comments than he deserves from an informed and progressive community as the one this blog caters to.

He would probably enjoy writing fiction; something like: “Once upon a time, in a world where society is homogenous; a place where democracy and a voice in the political system is confined to people of the same race and ethnicity, where people speak one and the same language and there are no special needs or special interests”…. something along those lines and anything else that might tickle his fancy.